UpSchool Approach

With-in the box innovation is appropriate for education system rather than out of the box innovations.

We considered possibilities and boundaries to come up with a workflow that the school system can easily adapt to produce exceptional results.

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Pre Learning

Prerequisites topics designed by UpSchool to each chapter in the syllabus, preparing student to in-class experience

Pre Assessment

Multi level assessment to evaluate the pre learning and boost student confidence for in-class experience

In-class experience

School Syllabus

Subjects > Unit > Chapters

Post Learning

Add-on to in-class learning and providing necessary support after in-class experience

Post Assessment

Multi-level assessment to evaluate the in-class learning and prepare for academics


Highlights of the approach

Pre - requisites

Pre - requisites

UpSchool content experts prepare the prerequisites DigitalCards and Assessment aligned to the school syllabus. Prerequisites would be from the previous grade, out of the book and other credible sources to provide essentials for the student to prepare for the classroom teaching. Prerequisites are controlled by Teacher to align with their schedule.

Post - requisites

Post - requisites

Aligned to the school syllabus, UpSchool provides DigitalCards and Assessment complementing what’s been taught by teachers in the classroom. Assessments are multi-level and unique to each student at 1:4 ratio.

Digital Footprint & Personalisation

Digital Footprint & Personalisation

As UpSchool becomes an interaction system for students and teacher complementing classroom teaching experience, the scope of personalisation is huge. We provide insights like segmentation, where the teacher can decide whom to focus on less, learning patterns of the students, on-demand classroom tests, worksheets and many more features.

24/7 Support from school to student

24/7 Support from school to student

UpSchool enables digital collaboration and provides 24X7 support to students in their schooling experience. They can be more productive, avoid external tuitions, and overall improving student, teacher, parent, and school connect.

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