Which syllabus/grade supported by UpSchool?

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UpSchool supports K12 ( 9th, 10th grade to start with ) and CBSE syllabus as of now. UpSchool working towards supporting more boards and grades

How the teacher and parents access UpSchool?

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Parent and teacher interface is web-enabled can be accessed via any web browsers on desktop/tablet/mobile devices

Do we need to purchase tablets?

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Recommended but it’s not compulsory. Students can use UpSchool on their existing Android-enabled mobile devices with no additional cost

How much does it cost? Who should pay for it?

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UpSchool is based on a subscription model where the school pays per student nominal fee to deploy UpSchool and leverage. The partnership is made with the school

Is UpSchool another LMS ( Learning Management System )?

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No! It’s a TMS ( Teaching Management System ) which empowers learning in the schooling system. We believe learning cannot be managed whereas teaching can be managed.

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