The Digital Companion
for Personalised Learning
at Schools

We uplift the quality of deliverance on and off classrooms.
We offer a unique three pronged approach to Evaluate,
Educate, and Elevate a student.

Why UpSchool?

Every Student is Unique

They absolutely require personalized one-on-one attention. Is the current
school system fully equipped to enable personalized learning?


Most classrooms have just become
lecturing rooms, just a learning space.
How much is learnt has become

School Bandwidth

Syllabus not being covered in the most
effective way due to the immense student-
teacher ratio. There are also severe time
constraints ironically coupled with time-
intensive activities.


It was supposed to be a one-to-one
learning space. It has become a
second-school. Attending these
coaching classes results in no time for
extracurricular activities.

Learning Pace

Each student learns at their own pace, it
is tough to keep up with classroom
learning or tuitions. Not viable for
classroom teaching to match the pace of
learning of each student.

Learning Apps

There are a lot of apps available but
they are not designed to bridge all
aspects of school. Apps available
don’t collaborate with all the four

Our Mission

quote start UpSchool is committed to be the digital companion to schools, focused on enriching the whole schooling experience and empowering personalized learning at school. quote end


Building Blocks

Key building blocks of UpSchool. Enabling Up School mission to enable next generation school
experience and empowering personalized learning.

UpSchool Digital Platform

  • Equipped with the latest technology.
  • UpSchool provides a level of Artificial
    Intelligence which helps students achieve
    their optimal pace.

UpSchool Learning Content

  • Designed to achieve a balance between
    conceptual learning and scoring marks.
  • Confidence builder for both Students &
  • From the best academicians and teachers.

Laptop / Tablet

  • We are delivering our platform across
    laptop (Android) and tablets
    depending on the need of the school

Connected System

The four pillars of the education system:
Parents, Teacher, Student and School Management are well connected through the platform.


Reporting and visibility of
students' learning status.
A special idle/inactivity report,
or a completion report is
available for parents too.


Knows the classroom better
than before and can do one-
to-one. Teachers get real time
data of the level of
understanding of a concept
for each student.

School Management

Can track and manage
classrooms better than before
Better visibility into the
students' learning and their
test outcomes.


Digitally empowered student
with confidence learning skills.
Equipped with the solid
foundation and
courage to face challenges.

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